Thursday, November 29

What's with the riff in Tool's Forty-six & 2

Yes, I like it very much, and apparently, Dream Theater too; has anyone heard Home from Scenes From a Memory? the riff it's there! and also, check out Animate-Inanimate, from Petrucci's solo album, there's a tune that reminds me of it again...

Does anyone hear the same?

Sunday, November 25

***read before parting***

In Dr. Leary's words:

Why you should smoke cannabis:

Fun, sensuous enjoyment, esthetic pleasure, interpersonal closeness, pure experience.

Why you should trip on LSD:

Increased personal power, intellectual understanding, sharpened insight into self and culture, improvement of life situation, accelerated learning, professional growth.

Have a notebook ready!


Sunday, November 18

Start growing

Plant marijuana, save the world.

Thursday, November 15


If you get a test and come of HIV positive, then, you have done it, you're fucked. LIES.

Tuesday, November 13

childhood memory

In my younger, purer form (I remembered this while reading Alan Watts) I used to think that when one died life just carried on on different eyes without "me" remembering a thing. Now I realize it is very wise! :)

Friday, November 2


Blurring of words flabbergasted insanity --inside your own skull; torrents of pristine dust. And sacrilege through closed doors, I'm tunned, are YoU? like me, you can too, you just need lo lay of your old taboos, listen to me, young, brave man, the world is at your feet, if so you command; get ready for bed but before rememBER: that's the only place you'll ever bet, *feels more real inside your head* Are those unspeakable, remarkable and injufizzitedd with doble oreos things that NOBODY else would assume ever was/were?