Tuesday, October 30

Dear right hemisphere dream journal:

I have recently been waking up every morning, very early. Perhaps I've been reading too much about WBTB? I feel like it's around the same time but I can't confirm, never looked the time.

When that happened yesterday I awoke from being in some kind of jungle, but it was a setup, like some sort of filming or reality show, whatever, I was paying attention to this giant snake that became my friend :) Also there was this guy that knew everything about the nature and stuff but I don't remember who... perhaps Bear Grylls :)

After waking and going back to dream world I entered this really short weird scenario. I was in my kitchen with my little sister and a cousin and read this 2 times: I had liquid THC in my fridge. I don't know why, how, or whatever but that's one of the coolest things I've dreamed so far. I poured it into rice :D and sat to watch a match of football between Argentina and Chile (?) but I didn't get to eat it because my alarm went off. Dawn that would've been my fist dream high :(

Monday, October 29

my bed fucking melted (2)

Yesterday I experienced the same. It's VERY odd and it's something you just can't relate to a beforehand experience becasue I actually FEEL like I'm falling out of my body. I know it's all in my head.... but it just fucking feels like I'm slipping out and the feeling is very spooky.

Even weirder, yesterday wasn't just like falling "down", I actually changed my position (instead of facing upwards) so I "fell" diagonally down and to my back x_x

I never went lucid and my dreams seemed less vivid strangely, but I do remember them. One was about a friend explaining to me something like why one's more comfortable with a girl given you know for some reason you are not fucking her. Like a friend's girlfriend. Funny because in the dream said girl was actually this girl I know which I basically feel that way which, so I'm more relaxed and open with her than otherwise...

The other one is foggier, I just kind of remember this tricky animal that in a some sort of story with a lesson kind of way, tricked the other animals so he could eat them... I think it was a snake.

Next weekend I'll have a more serious approach to WILDing, I'll WBTB spending like 10-15 minutes out of it after having 5 hours of sleep; I guess I could come here and post something to pass the time...

Sunday, October 28

my bed fucking melted


Saturday, October 27


Yesterday's dream was boring... two friends were going to fight in a parking lot but everything ended amicably, I even made chitty chat with the watchman and bought him water. Then I drove one of my friends home... U_U

Friday, October 26


I remember two dreams, in the first I was with a friend watching a movie in USA; in the other I was again in the US of A but with other friends, we stayed at this old lady's house who had this little weird annoying kid and we had to work in a prison by doing some sort of program with the inmates. I remember a lot of details but I'm not in the mood of making a wall'o text and besides, If I keep like this I'd have to release a book or something.

Thursday, October 25

As promised 1 hour ago


This is getting interesting

Since I began writing dreams, EVERYDAY I remember what I dream, this is exceptional since before starting this I just remembered like a dream a month, and I presume, becasue they had remarkable concepts... or I just assumed I didn't dream, which is wrong, we always do, and a LOT.

Yesterday I was in a house with this bizarre family and, it was weird becasue the house felt like an uncle's house where I spent vacations years ago but the mom and dad were not my uncle and his wife, they were mostly behinds the scenes arguing and fighting but I could hear them well. I was in the son's room who would be my cousin but he wasn't there (he arrived later) and at the other room was the daughter, who also argued with the parents and... she had this weird condition... this skin condition... in her ass... it was disappointing cause she kind of looked like that girl from that silly movie about a princess and her teen adventures, but I knew it wasn't her, she just resembled her in a way; I knew this but didn't realize I was dreaming >:U

Wow writing this reminds me of other dreams I had where I'm in someone's room and I don't feel I belong there, it's like I'm waiting and I don't touch anything because I'm afraid of breaking something...

It felt just like that, in fact I was peeking through the door very cautiously (that's why I saw the daughter's ass) and there was this time were the dad scolded the girl very harshly (now that I think about it, it was just like a movie about a teen and all that) and it was very uncool, I felt like I shouldn't have been there hearing all this.

But anyway... the son finally came and he did look like his real counterpart, he had his personality and came with a friend of his but he contributed nothing at all to the dream. Mmhh, if I lived in Freud's times maybe I'd have gone to his office for some dream analysis!

So this started the second half of the dream, which was mellower but as much as weird; my dream cousin, he had a console (I can't tell which, irl he has a PS2) and I wanted to test some games (I'd been peeking the room) but we ended up watching tv, watching mexican football, and is was very weird becasue everything was staged, like the plays were scripted for dramatic effects, like wrestling, and the mexican team's star was this chubby guy but still, I didn't go lucid.

The last thing I remember was my cousin showing me some magazine but I can't tell exactly waht it was about, what I do remember was that at some point he pointed to a woman in one page and he said this was my grandma! (maternal one, so it wasn't his too) and I remember going like mmm no, that's not her (and STILL, no lucid...)

I'm starting to become obsessed with dreams but the good kind of obsession o_O I want to go lucid so bad. At least remembering all this crazy dreams is very interesting and I seem to be getting somewhere becasue I think the pic of my supposed grandma actually send my a kiss (like those Harry Potter pics) so maybe it's a matter of time!

I realize this blog has become a dream journal and well, did people actually read all my shit? According to Google some did, so those of you expecting to come back here and read some philosophical thingies well, those post take time, which I don't have right now so keep reading my dreams! or not, I really don't care that much :D

Seriously: I'll post some enlightenment for you, just wait, I have some videos...

Wednesday, October 24

This dream journal thing is working...

Everyone was hearing this guy from Spain that talked about America and the world and things like that, politics; he said he had a talent and that he had to benefit while he could because it wouldn't last long, he was convinced that people run out of their talents or something. He was very eloquent.

While I listened to this I was dressing, I had matching shirt and short pants, green and blue (funny, I can't remember if it was blue with green stripes or the other way), the weirdest was that when I saw my reflection I saw myself female, it was weird, I saw myself with long hair and everything, but it wasn't like my female equivalent or something like that, it wasn't like that, in fact I could see a very pretty girl, so I gestured in the mirror and all that.

Before that, this was another dream (first time I remember 2 dreams!) I was in some sort of race with friends, it was like cross country, it was fun. Afterwards we would go to this hotel where a family from the "interior" received us and there was a pool and all.

I remember even more details but it's foggy...

Tuesday, October 23

. . .

I had like one of the most detailed and intricate dreams ever but still, no lucid :(

It was some sort of game in a haunted house with Simpson characters.

Now I understand what they say about the vividness of the dream world, at the end everything went to shit and I escaped, I flew away. I could see the trees very clearly, the leaves were still wet from a rainy night. I looked to the sky and saw some kind of symbol there, like made of stars... maybe I should draw it. I was kind of disappointed because everything ended, Bart was killed and it was just me left, Lisa, although at the end I clearly remember the situation so it was me for all purposes; so I flew to electrical cables and electrocuted myself to waking life.

Monday, October 22


Argh I feel frustrated I had such a weird dream but can't remember well! I'll just write what I do remember anyway...

I don't remember why I was doing it but the thing is I had my computer set up in my room in a weird way, the monitor was on a chair and it was in the middle of the room, like if I'd do that in reality my mom would think I'm crazy... but the cool part was that I teletransported myself to a really weird cold place. It was very dark, like in the middle of the Artic or similar, and I wanted to... this is what I don't remember well... ._. I wanted to see or experience something that was under the ice, in the dark waters. I know that what I wanted to do I had done previously somewhere and I had accomplished what I wanted. I started getting upset because I could not do it this time so I started chipping away the ice. I could do it with my feet, I was strong, it seemed easy, I punched too (didn't hurt at all). Ahhh what I wanted to do was possible from the surface but it seems it was easier if I just got down there. Anyway after some good kicking and stomping I broke the ice layer and entered the water, it didn't feel cold or anything, it was very weird. After some moments I finally DID WHAT THE HELL I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO THERE and then, relieved, teletransported back to my room.

Mmm also when I think about it I actually transported to my room and back to the icy place several times, I didn't achieve what I wanted in one go, when going back to my room I thought of how to do it...

Teletransporting felt like I was being stretched longitudinally, I felt taller and thiner and then I was in my room. It's really weird and frustrating because there was something down there, almost like letters... o_O

Φιλιππος by day, assasin infiltrator, not unlike ninja, by night

In case you don't know I write my dreams because of the dream journal effect and I could care less if you think my dreams are interesting or lame or whatever :D

So last night I infiltrated some sort of house, with a small handgun in my left hand (apparently silenced, thought it didn't have one) and a larger, pistol sort of gun in my right hand. I killed a lot of sentries/guardians but it wasn't gritty at all, it felt just like kills in a video game, in fact I don't remember even seeing blood. I don't remember that much anyway, I did some driving too but it's all foggy... I must write more dreams...

PS: The dream journal effect is that by writing your own dreams you foment the remembering of said dreams, and it really helps because it's the first advice from experienced oneironauts and I had my first semi lucid dream in short time of using it.

Saturday, October 6

fun facts about cannabis

  • We have been smoking and using weed for thousands of years; fabrics made of hemp can be traced to 7000-8000 B.C., which is also the earliest known woven fabric.
  • In the US of A it was mandatory for farmers to grow hemp, in fact, between 1763 and 1767 you could be thrown in jail in Virgina for NOT growing some hemp.
  • Hemp was used for making clothes, paper and a lot of other textiles things. Yes, it's possible to make paper out of weed, in fact, it's cheaper and less polluting than trees, not to mention of course that chopping down trees is not such a good idea since they are basically the lungs of the earth.
  • It's illegal because of the personal agenda of greedy and corrupt people like power hungry ignorant bastard Harry J. Anslinger, who dropped some jewels like "There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others." and "Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind." which is the equivalent of kicking in the face, repeatedly, any smart person who has actually ever smoked it. In a calculated campaign, aided with yellow journalism and stupidity, he is responsible for outlawing it. Read more.
  • Parties who endorse the illegality of cannabis and actually make money off of it (inspired from here):
    • Chemical companies, like cotton industry, which requires large amounts of chemical fertiliser and pesticides, unlike cannabis which produces stronger and more durable fibers.
    • People who make plastic, many plastic products could be made from natural cannabis without pollution.
    • Timber industry - cannabis 'hurds' (the woody bits of stalk) can be used to make furniture as well as a higher quality paper than from wood (I already told you this)
    • Tobacco and alcohol industries, who continue to make profit of these highly toxic and addictive substances with the only inconvenience of thousands of people dying because of it. Maybe if people had a better, safest, non-addictive alternative to past their friday nights? Mmh but I guess that wouldn't be so profitable since people can actually grow it themselves.
    • Pharmaceutical companies who think they may profit less if ill people are able to grow their own medicine in preference to their many dangerous and addictive synthetic drugs which the same people claim are less effective than cannabis.
    • The employees of the criminal justice industry and supportive industries, including police, lawyers, barristers, court officials, prison staff, probation services, drug counselors, forensic scientists, customs officers and security firms, who may suffer if 100,000 less prosecutions are brought each year.

    • The fuel companies including fossil, nuclear and solar. The Report of the FCDA Europe - endorsed by Judges, Doctors & academics - reveals for the first time, the CANNABIS BIOMASS ENERGY EQUATION, which shows beyond doubt that cannabis-derived fuel, capable of providing almost all of our domestic and industrial energy requirements as well as running all of our cars without pollution, is easily a cheaper and safer form of viable energy. It is the huge oil and nuclear industries which have the main profit motivations for continued prohibition at any cost.
So remember kids, next time you're smoking a joint and someone comes to preach and quote lies and propaganda, literally say "FUCK YOU, I'M SMOKING MY WEED WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT" and proceed to show these and other fun facts. Don't be shy! In fact, print this whole post and shove it down their throat! saying "prohibit THIS, asshole!" But why stop there, make copies and paste them all over your neighborhood! graffiti it all over town! hey, that's not such a bad idea.

Thursday, October 4


I had a lucid dream!

Well not quite because it only lasted seconds but I clearly remember being in the dream world! It was VERY weird, sort of what I had been expecting (which is, nothing comparable to what I could expect), now the weirdness is because it's not like "oh, I'm dreaming", it's much more complicated than that. One isn't 100% sure if one is dreaming or awaken; it's hard to explain because looking back on it, dreams have very goofy things going on but, the thing is, when you are in the dream experiencing it, it does not seem goofy to you, you just take everything for granted, and that's strange, I guess that happens because when dreaming one is not fully conscious, only some little percentage, but the trick (at least for me) is somehow identifying those goofy things and thinking "mm... this is wrong." Well this is what I recall:

The first thing I remember was being somewhere and this guy I know, he is friend of a friend, was like wearing my fan as a mask! It sounds bizarre but somehow that guy was wearing my fan.

Ok, just picture some guy's head inside that thing, wearing it like it was no big deal, like it just were some halloween mask. Anyway, I guess the fact that I knew it was my fan (it looked just like it) set something off and I realized hey! I'm dreaming!

When you're dreaming it's not easy getting around, I mean the places you're are known to you but they appear distorted, it's hard to explain, things aren't your normal 3D view...

At the climax I began flying, Superman style, I could see my fists. Then I pulled out my dick and woke up. Hehe I think I tried to do too many things.

The transition from being lucid to reality was very smooth, for some reason I was flying towards my fan (I swear I'm not obsessed by it!) and when I woke up it was the first thing I saw; I point it at my face, I like the breeze.

Hopefully writing about these things foments more lucid shenanigans.

Tuesday, October 2

In Rainbows

New Radiohead album will be released on the 10th of this month! You can download it from http://www.inrainbows.com/ and IT COSTS WHATEVER YOU WANT TO PAY FOR IT.

Monday, October 1


I just remember 2 things:

  • I was in a taxi and the driver was talking to me about the alpha dog mentality of some of us, and this was in a very nonchalantly way, like "you know, the thing with those alpha dogs..." As you can appreciate I don't remember that much. I blame myself for waiting so much to type this thing.
  • I realized the other thing completely erased from my memory. I just remember I met some kind of female pot dealer (this is what happens if you query Google Images for female pot dealer)