Tuesday, October 30

Dear right hemisphere dream journal:

I have recently been waking up every morning, very early. Perhaps I've been reading too much about WBTB? I feel like it's around the same time but I can't confirm, never looked the time.

When that happened yesterday I awoke from being in some kind of jungle, but it was a setup, like some sort of filming or reality show, whatever, I was paying attention to this giant snake that became my friend :) Also there was this guy that knew everything about the nature and stuff but I don't remember who... perhaps Bear Grylls :)

After waking and going back to dream world I entered this really short weird scenario. I was in my kitchen with my little sister and a cousin and read this 2 times: I had liquid THC in my fridge. I don't know why, how, or whatever but that's one of the coolest things I've dreamed so far. I poured it into rice :D and sat to watch a match of football between Argentina and Chile (?) but I didn't get to eat it because my alarm went off. Dawn that would've been my fist dream high :(