Monday, October 22

Φιλιππος by day, assasin infiltrator, not unlike ninja, by night

In case you don't know I write my dreams because of the dream journal effect and I could care less if you think my dreams are interesting or lame or whatever :D

So last night I infiltrated some sort of house, with a small handgun in my left hand (apparently silenced, thought it didn't have one) and a larger, pistol sort of gun in my right hand. I killed a lot of sentries/guardians but it wasn't gritty at all, it felt just like kills in a video game, in fact I don't remember even seeing blood. I don't remember that much anyway, I did some driving too but it's all foggy... I must write more dreams...

PS: The dream journal effect is that by writing your own dreams you foment the remembering of said dreams, and it really helps because it's the first advice from experienced oneironauts and I had my first semi lucid dream in short time of using it.