Thursday, October 4


I had a lucid dream!

Well not quite because it only lasted seconds but I clearly remember being in the dream world! It was VERY weird, sort of what I had been expecting (which is, nothing comparable to what I could expect), now the weirdness is because it's not like "oh, I'm dreaming", it's much more complicated than that. One isn't 100% sure if one is dreaming or awaken; it's hard to explain because looking back on it, dreams have very goofy things going on but, the thing is, when you are in the dream experiencing it, it does not seem goofy to you, you just take everything for granted, and that's strange, I guess that happens because when dreaming one is not fully conscious, only some little percentage, but the trick (at least for me) is somehow identifying those goofy things and thinking "mm... this is wrong." Well this is what I recall:

The first thing I remember was being somewhere and this guy I know, he is friend of a friend, was like wearing my fan as a mask! It sounds bizarre but somehow that guy was wearing my fan.

Ok, just picture some guy's head inside that thing, wearing it like it was no big deal, like it just were some halloween mask. Anyway, I guess the fact that I knew it was my fan (it looked just like it) set something off and I realized hey! I'm dreaming!

When you're dreaming it's not easy getting around, I mean the places you're are known to you but they appear distorted, it's hard to explain, things aren't your normal 3D view...

At the climax I began flying, Superman style, I could see my fists. Then I pulled out my dick and woke up. Hehe I think I tried to do too many things.

The transition from being lucid to reality was very smooth, for some reason I was flying towards my fan (I swear I'm not obsessed by it!) and when I woke up it was the first thing I saw; I point it at my face, I like the breeze.

Hopefully writing about these things foments more lucid shenanigans.