Thursday, October 25

This is getting interesting

Since I began writing dreams, EVERYDAY I remember what I dream, this is exceptional since before starting this I just remembered like a dream a month, and I presume, becasue they had remarkable concepts... or I just assumed I didn't dream, which is wrong, we always do, and a LOT.

Yesterday I was in a house with this bizarre family and, it was weird becasue the house felt like an uncle's house where I spent vacations years ago but the mom and dad were not my uncle and his wife, they were mostly behinds the scenes arguing and fighting but I could hear them well. I was in the son's room who would be my cousin but he wasn't there (he arrived later) and at the other room was the daughter, who also argued with the parents and... she had this weird condition... this skin condition... in her ass... it was disappointing cause she kind of looked like that girl from that silly movie about a princess and her teen adventures, but I knew it wasn't her, she just resembled her in a way; I knew this but didn't realize I was dreaming >:U

Wow writing this reminds me of other dreams I had where I'm in someone's room and I don't feel I belong there, it's like I'm waiting and I don't touch anything because I'm afraid of breaking something...

It felt just like that, in fact I was peeking through the door very cautiously (that's why I saw the daughter's ass) and there was this time were the dad scolded the girl very harshly (now that I think about it, it was just like a movie about a teen and all that) and it was very uncool, I felt like I shouldn't have been there hearing all this.

But anyway... the son finally came and he did look like his real counterpart, he had his personality and came with a friend of his but he contributed nothing at all to the dream. Mmhh, if I lived in Freud's times maybe I'd have gone to his office for some dream analysis!

So this started the second half of the dream, which was mellower but as much as weird; my dream cousin, he had a console (I can't tell which, irl he has a PS2) and I wanted to test some games (I'd been peeking the room) but we ended up watching tv, watching mexican football, and is was very weird becasue everything was staged, like the plays were scripted for dramatic effects, like wrestling, and the mexican team's star was this chubby guy but still, I didn't go lucid.

The last thing I remember was my cousin showing me some magazine but I can't tell exactly waht it was about, what I do remember was that at some point he pointed to a woman in one page and he said this was my grandma! (maternal one, so it wasn't his too) and I remember going like mmm no, that's not her (and STILL, no lucid...)

I'm starting to become obsessed with dreams but the good kind of obsession o_O I want to go lucid so bad. At least remembering all this crazy dreams is very interesting and I seem to be getting somewhere becasue I think the pic of my supposed grandma actually send my a kiss (like those Harry Potter pics) so maybe it's a matter of time!

I realize this blog has become a dream journal and well, did people actually read all my shit? According to Google some did, so those of you expecting to come back here and read some philosophical thingies well, those post take time, which I don't have right now so keep reading my dreams! or not, I really don't care that much :D

Seriously: I'll post some enlightenment for you, just wait, I have some videos...