Sunday, December 2

sometimes ii (Philosophy 101)

Sometimes I think all those philosopher guys have this same view of the world, you know? I think all those wise bearded guys that seem to know everything and have witty-snappy responses to everything actually have deciphered the world and hence their inner peace and characteristic wise-ass stance. Sometimes I feel like they do this on purpose. They know the fundamental paradox of our existence but aren't troubled with it's paradoxical nature. They know we must create a sort of story to rationalize our own existence and actually propose stories of their own. They know and accept the possibility that all of the possibilities are true. Every one of them is right because it really doesn't matter. The explanation of the universe? it just is. It's itness itself.

Sometimes I think those ancient wise Greek dudes in Athens were just challenging each other to see who could come up with the most fucked up story of how the world came to be. Think about it. There were even some Captain Planet-like dudes there, each one advocating an element as the origin of all things; Thales with water, Anaximenes with air, Heraclitus with fire and of course Anaximander with his esoteric "apeiron" (earth?)

But can't we come up too with our own fabricated weird views of the world? Don't we actually make these stories as to why we are what we are? Aren't we all then philosophers too? Yes, yes, yes.

As a result of daily human experiences and thinking about other people's view of the world I have realized that everyone has to come up while growing up with some story that recapitulates how he/she exists. Think about it. You have to have some sort of chronological montage of your perceptions so far experienced. It's a very personal issue. Very instinct-like, non verbal, felt, made when we are just beginning to grasp this weird universe we realized are in in our infancy. It's imprinted from very early, and we all do it.

Even people who don't subscribe to a particular way of thought do it. Maybe they don't read a book about it but they separate right from wrong and somehow acknowledge some universal mystical balance. When we go through shitty times we always wonder if it's something we have done; if you don't, well, maybe you should. This should remind you of cosmical balance aka karma. I'm not stating anything new here, folks. Even the buddhist guys did not invent karma, the concept can be traced centuries before, in Indian Vedic texts. You think I'm making this up? Time to read some Upanishads.

If you do the exercise you realize that all we can prove is that we think, and therefore, we are/exist --(thanks, René). Our consciousness is because I, right now, am reflecting about it. Do it, is fun. Our consciousness is our meta-self. No other being in this planet we inhabit seems to be aware of this. Or are they?

Does a dog knows he is a dog? does a tree acknowledge the fact that he is this woody thing that grows leaves and needs CO2 and sunlight and all that? Well, they DO, certainly, because the little plant in the dark corner tilts a bit to the light source in search for needed energy. But the little plant doesn't seem, at least to us, to decide this sort of things. Maybe it doesn't reflect in real time? Ah, enter free will. Why are these monkeys doing such a noisy rabble, what are they up to. The bottom line is that, as of now, no one really knows for sure why. But sure it's fun to argue about! So instead of discussing about this ubiquitous life force they just agree in their disagreeance and spend their times joking about it and having a good time. Philosophizing. And why not? the bottom bottom line is that almost everyone has got their story and history and has come to terms to their own existence, however twisted or different they could be. Those who do not are trapped in perpetual self-arguing and troublesome life experience in general. So why not just accept it?

Sometimes I think there's certain people who realize all this and use it in their favor. What? I'm getting on to something here. Maybe if one of those philosophical dudes could get enough people to believe their story... Mmm. Maybe if a lot of people actually believe his crap he could use it to his advantage. Maybe he becomes something of a leader of the unknown, holder of the answers to the quintessential question of existence for the ones that buy it. What if this evil Socrates sells it so good that a LOT of people actually buy it and follow him around like sheep doing what he says and even asking for more? Mmmm. Interesting, isn't it? What are you thinking of?

I'm not pointing fingers here but there's a lot of gullible people out there. And there's always those who seem to be just waiting for opportunities to profit of other people's gullibility. I'm sure you know someone like that. The thing is everyone, all of us, need to have at least some vague answer to this omnipresent mystery. If you feel like getting on your friends nerves you can do experiments and ask them. A lot of people become defensive, like you're somehow threatening them or something; it's really weird if you think about it. Go ahead, ask your mom. Such an important matter and people just don't want to talk about it. ASK YOURSELF. The majority will say something like they do believe in the imposed magical spirit of their determinate region despite almost never actually doing something about it, like going to the local house of worship or praying or something. These "passive hypocrites" are generally good guys who just go with the flow and just accept things; maybe YOU are one of them, we all kind of do it when we're kids and with other affairs, the problem is that this kind of guys are the majority and maybe that's why some people can impose their realities on other people and evil Socrates gets his way.

Of course there's the type who never thinks about it and, well, just do not give a shit.

What reality tunnel do you follow? are you a believer of magical men in flying clouds? perhaps bearded men with deep, sexy eyes? maybe you are one of those guys who is very organized about it and follow the teachings of a magical leader? that maybe wears funny hats? hey! you should've seen that one coming. Snap!

Maybe your deity cannot be reproduced in such mundane form such as a piece of paper. Or rather, it not only can be represented, but also look very cool while doing so. You can have some really beautiful statues too. (click pics for hi-res)

Maybe you feel inspired by some enlightened guy. All in all I prefer the chilled statues from east over creepy west ones. Have I hit the one you're stuck with yet?

Or maybe you just don't give a shit.

Which is perfectly fine because if you've been paying attention, no myth ultimately discredits another. Just subjective realities. It's all there is. Independently of what you believe, either if you are pretty poignant about it, or really don't even think about it, and never question your own reality, you have some notion of right/wrongness. In all works of fiction, good fiction that is, there needs to be the good side and bad side, otherwise the fictional world wouldn't be credible, the first matrix was happy and fun but we didn't buy it. So we realize that there's a struggle of people imposing their own reality on everyone else. The more you think about it the weirder it gets.

Smart people who call religion fables that sheeple like to follow have their science. Yes, folks, now we made it. This one time we have a good method. We can build nice things. We are on the right track finally. We made some rules so we don't have bias. We do things considering all options so we can make the best decision given the circumstance. But, hey, let's not jump into conclusions, we're being philosophical here. Do governments apply the scientific method? ponder that for a while. Do your personal authority or local organized dominator follow scientific rigor? who or what is your authority, now that we are on the subject? Is it in or out of your head? Maybe in the labs and on paper things look nice but in reality things are a little off. By a little off I mean FUCKED UP.

Did you know that no one actually knows what the fuck is gravity all about? We can model equations of how it happens and you can probably find the time it takes for a banana-shaped dong to get from the top of your house to your sister's head, but how it happens? Not even asking the more complex why but the mere how. If you look it up (no, I'm not getting this out of my ass) you start reading weird sci-fi-like things like space-time continuum and dark matter. It gets weirder. Multi-dimensions kind of weird. And I'm not even getting into crazy quantum hokus pokus territory here that no one understands (worry not, I won't).

So which reality do you subscribe to?

is it prepackaged?

or you made it yourself?

someone made one and you liked it?

you read it somewhere maybe?

I think about this sometimes and you should too, sometimes.