Thursday, March 26

this dream i had 2 years ago

was one of my first documented semi lucid dreams. I remember a transition, from this very complicated and long game-like dream were Simpson's characters had to sort their way through a labyrinthine haunted house full of apparitions and monsters. Milhouse got killed by floating knives that came trough a paint. I survived as Lisa and exited the dream somehow, acquiring more lucidity and becoming my usual self again. This all happened while walking out of a house inhabited with what felt like family members.

I felt dumbfounded after considering all that had happened in the haunted house and how I was just in another place. While thinking this I let my body afloat as I have done in several dreams (it's like slowly reducing your own weight to be able to fly slowly) and I noticed how every detail seemed so beautiful, reflecting the moon on the pavement. I raised my perspective and I could see big, full-of-leaves trees that were just amazing. The details were impressive, I could see dew in the leaves and branches that were also moved by the wind. I raised my perspective further and saw, were I expected the moon to be, this magnificent arrangement of stars in some kind of great symbol. It appeared as a weird elegant character I could not recognize adjacent to a sort of feather.