Saturday, May 1

"The intent of old mythologies to integrate the individual into his group, to imprint on his mind the ideals of that group, to fashion him

according to one or another orthodox stereotype, and to convert him thus into an absolutely dependable cliché, has become assumed in the modern world by an increasingly officious array of ostensibly permissive, but actually coercive, demythologized secular institutions. A new anxiety in relation to this development is now becoming evident, however, for with this increase, on one hand, of our efficiencies in mass indoctrination and, on the other, of our uniquely modern Occidental interest in the fostering of authentic individuals, there is dawning upon many a new and painful realization of the depth to which the imprints, stereotypes, and archetypes of the social sphere determined our personal sentiments, deeds, thoughts, and even capacities for experience."

¬Joseph Campbell