Saturday, April 21

why, hello there

Ok, for anyone who wishes to know the contents of this blog come directly from the artistic vein I suppose I have and everyone does, though I guess some never use it; this is not a diary but a recipient of rants and every little thing I consider worth of sharing with other humans, although the majority of posts could be induced by illegal substances and psychotic states of mind, so don't take everything here for granted because I can say what I want to, even if I'm not serious, and I hope this places captures all the oh so lucid ideas and concepts one seems to have trough the day but end in the trash can in half a page of scribbled notes or in the recycle bin in a .txt full of grammar errors because didn't have the time to check for the writing rules, the fantastic idea I just had appeared to fade away and well I can practice this language here, that's good, you can send me your opinions stating if you concur or disagree with my babble and you can also correct my usage of this foreign language, I like being wrong, I just hope all the crazy things and silly but amusing shit my supposedly right hemisphere comes up with gets stored here so I can read them another day and have a laugh, like the day I had a dream and I was in this machine controlled world (don't worry I won't reference Matrix, oh well) where some robotic guys wanted to get me, I didn't know what for but didn't want to find out either so then Snake from Metal Gear came and helped me and he gave me this razor that could cut anything it's funny because it looked like a normal shaving razor, just a tad futuristic and silver-like, anyway Snake rescued me and I was forever thankful. I made a drawing about it but it was shitty and don't know where it is anyway, all this shit gets accumulated in my brain and sometimes it's like I'm saturated so this is like an outlet you see, it's like a channeling session where I connect with that artsy vein and you know if one thinks things too much it's not healthy, like Maynard said, over-thinking and over-analyzing separates the body from the mind. I don't want that.