Thursday, September 27


I have changed my domain name to in hope that people I gave the blog to, can't find it. I mean real people, as irl, as in people I actually talk to outside the internets. I do this because when I post here it's like channeling all the raw data and feelings that get pushed aside so I can behave like a "normal" person in font of other people. But here I drop the pretense! here I can dance in my undergarments shouting profanities and whatnot to amused-looking electronic faces, connect my brain to the keyboard and deliver whatever it is I have in me to deliver, tune in the right hemisphere and shut down the left for a while. This is why I hope my blog gets lost from public agenda and only exists in my little electronic universe. Well at least, for the moment.

So I guess I'll be posting more often with more insight into my personal babbles and whatnot.

PS: Didn't tell the aforementioned people of this for obvious reasons but too because I didn't want to hurt their feelings u_u